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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 26, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thursday, october 26. here's what we're following on "action news." >> search fog arrest killer, hundreds gather to remember two teenagers murdered in south philadelphia as the police turns to the community for help. >> two states are investigating a shooting a man and woman are shot in camden and discovered across the river in philadelphia. >> grab the jackets there's a fall chill in the air. >> what do you think a little chilly as we walked into the studios today. >> reporter: i'm chilly. >> reporter: yeah. >> i'm just saying i am and kind of complaining about it.
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>> reporter: step outside, you're welcome to be complaining. we have satellite imagery showing cloud cover off the west. we have sunshine, but overall a clouds and sun mix. some of the precipitation out to the west might rotate in. if you see rain it's light sprinkles and very brief. 40 in allentown. 47 in trenton. 48 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit cooler than yesterday. are 45 in wilmington, 44 in millville. not a lot of wind out there right now, but the breeze will will start to pick up once we get past sunrise. noon, 5 degrees, -- 55 degrees, clouding up a little bit. noon, 59. 60 this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. on the bus stop we're looking chillier than yesterday, bundle the kids up a little bit, 47 degrees as they wait for the bus in philadelphia.
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42 in the outlying suburbs. we'll be cool and breezy as we go through the afternoon. it looks like things gradually improve over the next couple of days, we have the rain coming on sunday, we'll have the entire seven-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: checking out the roads we're moving better on the schuylkill expressway. that's eastbound traffic last time i showed you this we saw the block aid set up, we had the construction slowing the schuylkill expressway eastbound construction. construction crews has left the scene westbound on the schuylkill traffic is no problem there, as well. on the boulevard in both directions we have the outer drive blocked between cottman and welsh for construction. watch for that. in head house square we have the closures of second street and south street dealing with yesterday's fire location. i-95 at the vine street expressway, overnight construction is cleared. all lanes and ramp are open. you see the shot of the roads we're clear and dry.
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we have an accident on tinicum island road and stevens drive, so crews on the scene with this one, there are injuries on the scene. construction has just cleared and all lanes reopened on route 1 southbound right near the roth bridge and the biddles corner toll plaza. students at the two philadelphia schools are dealing with the tragic their classmates shot on the streets of philadelphia. police are searching for the shooter or shooters and asking the community to review their tech devices for possible clues. katherine scott is live at police headquarters, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam that's right, police are looking for surveillance footage, they are particularly interested in and around 7:00 p.m. on tuesday in a two block radius near 12th and ritner. they are looking for any images of a suspicious person on a bike possibly carrying a handgun. meanwhile, while the investigation continues a vigil
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was held for the teens. >> reporter: the crowd was so large, it shut down the south philadelphia intersection, a vigil at 12th and ritner where two teenagers were shot and killed, salvadore dinubile and caleer miller were only 15. >> i never thought it would happen here. >> this is a parents worst nightmare. we are asking why, too. >> reporter: the violence started as an argument between teenagers and ended with a shooter firing three bullets from a 45 caliber handgun. surveillance footage shows the panic after the shots were fired. caleer miller was a junior at mass -- mastery charter school. caleer miller was active in his church and ymca. he was a soft-spoken young man. >> i see him coming from school and going to school or play ball. he spoke, he was very
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respectful. >> caleer miller was a nice young man, he was very respectful we'll never know what he had in front of him because the tragedy that occurred. knowledge salvadore dinubile attended the st. joe's prep a member of the hockey team. >> everybody knew him, everybody when you see him walk up, everybody would say that's sal. >> reporter: police believe the gunmen and the victims knew each other are if you have any tips or sure railance footage, homicide detectives want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. breaking this morning, two people suffering from gunshot wounds managed to drive from camden to the spring garden section of philadelphia before being rushed to the hospital. police were called to 5th near callo hill street at midnight. the man was shot in the leg. the injuries were not life
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threatening. police in philadelphia and camden are investigating. this is the scene as we brought you the breaking news, bridge foy's at second and south was a blaze. here's a look at the head house square. brigette foy is guarded by officers. it has been their since 1978. bridge foy herself was at the scene yesterday consoling regulars. drone 6 was overhead as demolition crews tore down a part of the buildings to prevent an uncontrol collapsed. 100 firefighters were needed to battle it. the of a tf was asking in the investigation and caution it could take days to determine the cause. this is newly released surveillance video of a
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suspected burglar in bucks county who took cash from the register china sun in the brook wood shopping center early yesterday morning. the man is a suspect in the burglary at the pizza hut in bensalem. call bensalem police if you have any information. members of the armed services committee are expected to get a closed door briefing on the ambush of soldiers in niger. today two pentagon officials are expected to address reports that the soldiers were scheduled to be on a routine mission that it changed in an order to kill or capture a top isis target. changes are coming for passengers flying into the united states today. americans and foreign passengers on all flights heading to the united states will face tougher security before they board. it is part of the former order
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by former homeland security head john kelly. they will ask passengers where they are going and who packed their bags. people flying into the united ud states this will impact. >> speaking of what's in your bag this morning, chilly, sweater or coat? >> reporter: yeah, storm tracker 6 live showing we dry, that's nice. as you step outside it's going to be a little chilly. there's the airport. conditions are dry, no issues with flying in and out of philadelphia. we're starting out on the cool side. here's the numbers, 40 degrees in allentown. 43 in reading. some of the cooler numbers could be in the upper 0s. in philadelphia, a little better, 48 degrees. 47 in trenton. 45 in wilmington, 44 in millville. cape may, milder, 53. future tracker 6 shows you how
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we start out with sunshine. we expect clouds during portions of the day and there's a chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower passing through at times. if you see that it's going to be brief nuisance light rain. in the afternoon there's the possibility of late day sunshine returning and we clear out for the evening in case we have plans. lehigh valley high 59 degrees, sun an clouds, there's a cool breeze blowing through the region at times. we could get gusts anywhere from 25 to 30 miles per hour at times. 62 degrees, is the high down the shore, clouds and sun, breezy there. clouds and sun overall in philadelphia. breezy, a high of just 60 late this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. there are the winds generally gusting between 20, 25 miles per hour this afternoon. overnight tonight we clear out, but it's chilly. 44 degrees is the overnight low in philadelphia. 35 in the outlying suburbs.
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there's a frost advisory that kicks in later tonight and extends until 5:00 a.m. on friday morning. from cumberland county up through vineland, hammonton, chads worth and lakehurst and mays landing. chester, berks county and montco and in the lehigh valley. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 60 degrees breezy an chilly out there. maybe a sprinkle at times. tomorrow chilly in the morning and sunny and seasonable in the afternoon high of 65 degrees. for the weekend, saturday is the better half. nice with a warm afternoon buildings with a somewhat cool start. high around 70. sunday, 66. clouds will be in place by the time you wake up in the morning. looks like the rain will arrive quickly in the day. some models having it in the morning. it could be heavy at times depending on the track of the low pressure center off the coast. and we are looking at potential downpours out of that. if you're going ton the eagles
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game -- going to the eagles game, keep your eye on the forecast. you might need rain gear. sunday we transition to partly sunny skies. monday, cooler high of 55. tuesday, halloween, chilly, 59 degrees. >> joe biden has a cryptic message about a presidential run. new developments into the mysterious abduction of a california mother who said she was held captive for three weeks, now we're hearing the 911 calls that her husband made. >> reporter: we're looking at the on going construction zone on the ramp from the blue route southbound to the schuylkill expressway, the extra overnight construction has cleared, we'll check 422 next. ♪
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live out over city hall. they are getting the prep underway for the winter garden at dilworth park. >> karen the ice rink is out. what does this mean. >> reporter: i'm just not ready, i know i should be it is halloween. you know we were in the 70s a couple of days ago. 422 this is a place for trouble not exactly at the moment. we're looking at trooper no
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construction and no delays and currently no accidents. that will likely change. tinicum township, delaware county. we have an accident there's injuries on the scene, watch for ems workers at tinicum island road at stevens drive. egg harbor township atlantic county we have an accident that cleared on the ramp to the parkway to the expressway. we have construction blocking a lane that will last until 7:00 a.m. on the parkway southbound near route 30. construction going on in mercer county i-95 both ways near the scutters falls bridge and i-175 is closed for construction. that will be for a little bit longer. look at the temperatures. temperatures 0 degrees cooler than two days ago. 48 degrees right now in the city. 40 in reading. 44 in millville. when you factor in a gusty breeze we have a windchill factor today. it feels like it says heat index, 5 degrees in allentown. 44 in philadelphia.
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41 in millville. it's chilly outside, wear the coat, wear the long sleeves. former vice president joe biden is once again suggesting he may not be done with politics and could run for president in 2020. he is not committing but leaving open the possibility in interviews he has been giving to promote his new memoir. he tellsr i have not decided to run and ruled out not to run. the heather lynch wrote bush touched her inappropriately while sitting in his wheelchair four years ago. a spokesman for president george hw bush apologized and said his
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attempt at humor he is sorry if it offended miss lynn. in an abc excuse -- exclusive, ashley judd sits down with diane sawyer. kellogg is responding to a complaint saying that the cartoon on the back of the box is racism. it's teacherring racism because the only brown corn to be is playing a january at her scrubbing the floor. nolan patrick took a hit on tuesday's night's loss to the ducks. sixers lost to the rockets
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10546104. the rockets scored the final 9 points including a buzzer beating three pointer to end the game. markell fultz missed the game and will miss the next two with soreness in his right shoulder. greater theology becomes
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greater and more life like videos which is why this man was to frightened as he checked out an exhibit at the international spy museum in washington, d.c. if you touch the glass it's triggers a fake shark that comes charging at the glass causing a fake crack. it's there over and over during the celebration of shark week.
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>> reporter: i would have been scared. i bet he was, but i love the look on his face. i'm going to try that on my kids. that's probably mean. this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound ramp to center city. the ramp is open this morning, no problems and we're looking good. in burlington county 130 northbound near wood lane road we have milling work. it's blocking up to two lanes. it should be out there for 40 minutes or so, davey. >> reporter: all right, karen, we have 48 degrees in philadelphia. 40 degrees in allentown. 43 in reading. 47 in trenton. 53 in cape may. winds light to moderate. they will be picking up after sunrise. it will be breezy on the l platform earlier this morning. we're looking at 47 degrees by 7:00 a.m. we get into the middle parof the day, we're going to be in the 50s for most of the day. looking for a high of 60 probably at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.
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and winds picking up probably a little breezy and bluster as we go through the day. all green aircraft at the big board. for the second straight day we have rain up in boston. if you're traveling via airplane up to boston bring rain gear. in "healthcheck" it's fall and apple in all ways for lots of people. we have help in making sure you're washing them correctly. rinsing them is not enough to get rid of the pesticides. researchers say they have a better method. you use baking soda. after washing gala apples in baking soda and water most of the signs are after 15 minutes. another options is to peel the apples, but then you lose nutrients. >> imagine being called on your
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cell phone nonstop day and night. >> reporter: the cell phone that belongs to this guy in south jersey is ringing and ringing and ringing. customers of a major credit card company. >> i'm fed up with it. >> reporter: the troubleshooters get the calls to stop and get results for the credit card customers affected. you could be one of them. it's a special troubleshooters tonight on channel 6 at 11:00 p.m. >> i want to know what happens. >> it's a good story. she told me about it. see the halloween costume test that's getting buzz online. a new jersey trooper was in the right place for the right time and he saved a life. here's "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing the 911 call moments after discovering his wife had vanished from their northern california home. sounding composed he described the last he had heard from her.
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>> she sent me a task after getting home from lunch sorry a long day. for 22 days not a trace. on thanksgiving day 2016 sherry was found alive on the side of a highway, long blonde hair cut short. she was battered bruised and branded with a message now reported to be a cluster of letter on her right shoulder almost impossible to read even with hitech imaging. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have more details on the investigation. with the "g.m.a." first look, kendis gibson, abc news new york.
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milestone for celebrity chef rachel ray her 2,000th episode airs this morning. alicia vitarelli has a sneak preview as you saw celebrities help her celebrate. you can watch the show on 6abc at 10:00 a.m. watch alicia's interview with rachel at halloween is a week away, premature babies at two neoin a little --al section are
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competing in a halloween costumes, french fry and two sheep. i tweeted out a link, i get a ewe. nobody is saying anything. i feel like i'm alone here. >> it's not a good joke. >> the hospital will give a gift card to the winner on halloween. send pictures of your costumes, post them on social media, using the #using 6abc action. every comic knows sometimes you kill sometimes you don't. the search is on for a group of teenagers caught on tape attacking a delivery driver and stealing his car.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration."
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